Marine Elegance – A Perfect Toilet for Your Boat

Features of Marine Elegance Following are some features of Marine Elegance that make it unique.

  •  Compact Size
  • Innovative Design
  • Flushing System
  • Water Management
  • Vacuum Technology
  • Smart Toilet Control

Compact Size

Being the ultimate in electric marine toilets, Marine Elegance offers the luxury of a full-size seat in a one-piece china bowl developed with a unique mounting system. Although it has immaculate looks and a full seating area, it is characterized by a small footprint at just 8 ½” x 9 ¾”. Marine Elegance was explicitly designed for fitting in those tight spaces on boats, where adding a toilet sometimes seems to be an afterthought. This toilet originally boasted the smallest footprint with a one-piece china bowl that allowed it to fit in tight areas

Innovative Design

The innovative control and design of the bowl make this toilet unique in its class. A discharge loop also eliminates odors and enables the bowl to hold water. The unmatched rinsing capabilities of specially-designed holes under the bowl rim use less water. The new Bluetooth technology allows the captain or the boat owner to change the flush program easily and even troubleshoot the toilet. The wireless touchpad for the flush control can be mounted near the toilet. The Marine Elegance is offered in short or tall heights for more traditional installation while offering an angled back for a contoured fit.



Water Management

You can flush the Marine Elegance normally or prefer a low water option. This is an environmentally-friendly function that helps conserve precious fresh water onboard. The SeaFresh system allows users to flip a switch and choose between onboard fresh water and outside raw water. The models that utilize this system include a remote pump and a freshwater solenoid.

The SeaFresh system is more prevalent among those realizing that using all fresh water for toilet flushing is not practical. This toilet is installed so that you can flush it with fresh water before leaving the boat and reduce the raw water odors.


Vacuum Technology

Raritan’s macerator system quickly pulls the waste out of the bowl efficiently with fewer moving parts. The design and shape of Raritan’s bowls combined with the macerator create the vacuum within the bowl and make it more efficient. The Vortex-Vac technology creates a vacuum in the bowl and eliminates the need for extra equipment to generate a vacuum.

Unlike typical vacuum toilets, a convenient, built-in shredder transforms waste into small particles to reduce clogs with its stainless steel blades. It performs at a noise level of fewer than 63 decibels without disturbing anyone on the boat.



Smart Toilet Control

You can add water to the bowl before using the Smart Toilet Control. The control options in the Smart Toilet Control provide the user with the ability to control the intake and discharge of water separately. It allows flushing for a normal cycle or water saver cycle. On a momentary basis, the simple multi-function control offers simple water in or out. You can use a flush that allows running intake and discharge simultaneously or try the suitable, old-fashioned push button that is also available.

We hope these features help you decide about having a ‘Marine Elegance’ from Raritan on your boat. This is undoubtedly the best choice to fit the compact space with great features.