Skippers “Super-Tuff” is a heavy-duty cleaner, degreaser and wax stripper. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and safe to use on all surfaces. Removes dirt, ink, carbonized grease, oil, wax, soap scum and heavy soil dirt from any surface. Its 3-way cleaning action can conquer almost any soil problem known; it dissolves the toughest types of soil, even those not soluble in water


The Cleaner of a Thousand uses

Skippers “Super-Tuff” penetrates deeply to dissolve and carry off hidden dirt. It emulsifies soil particles, so they are suspended then removed by chemical action and rinsing.

Skippers “Super-Tuff” Cleaner – Degreaser – Wax Stripper, is a unique product, used in a myriad of cleaning applications. It is a liquid blend of select alkali, special penetrating agents, and solvents. 

Skippers “Super-Tuff” quickly penetrates oil and grease on floors, walls, hoods, air filters, ducts, ventilators, exhaust stains, machines, grills, garbage and recycling containers, engines, equipment, concrete driveways, light fixtures, engines, lockers, cabinets and more. It may be applied by mopping, spraying, soaking, or with automatic floor machines. It works great used in a dip-tank for parts cleaning and is also extensively used for pressure washers.

That’s why Skippers “Super-Tuff” is known as “THE CLEANER OF A THOUSAND USES!”


 ALUMINUM CLEANING: Caution must be used in cleaning aluminum or other soft metals. DO NOT allow prolonged contact and immediately rinse very well with water.  Contact time should not exceed 5 minutes.



Canvas tops, awnings – Use 1:5 parts water. Rinse well with water.

Asphalt, Vinyl Tile, Linoleum, Rubber – For wax stripping use 1:8 parts water. For extremely heavy built-up areas use 1:1 part water or full strength. Rinse with water and wipe.

Automotive Uses – Upholstery, interiors, rugs, use 1:4 parts water. Agitate with brush to raise suds then remove and sponge.

Concrete, Cement – Use 1:1 part water. Rinse with water.

Kitchens, Diners, Cafeterias – To remove baked on carbon and grease inside of ovens, fryers, etc. use full strength, heat oven, scour with scouring pad.

Metal Parts Degreasing (Tank Dipping) – Use full strength or diluted depending on amount of degreasing required.

Terrazzo, Marble – For wax stripping and general cleaning use 1:4 parts water. Rinse with water and wipe.

Walls and Painted Surfaces – Use 1:30 parts water. Rinse with water and wipe dry. Use on oil base paints only.

Available in 3 convenient sizes: 1 Quart, 1 Gallon & 5 Gallon Pail